2- or 3-day tours: Blåbjerg/Filsø/Vejers

Planned 2- and 3-day tours 20201:

2-day tour: 11.-13. June

3-day tours: 12. – 15. Maj & 2. – 5. September

On these tours, we ride south from our own area, through the area around Blåbjerg, past the beach at the coastal town of Henne, and into the next large nature reserve, namely the Kærgaard plantation, which is located near the renatured Filsø.
So you can experience most of our beautiful nature on the Danish west coast.

We ride through an area where there are no people, cars, or bikes.
For orientation, we often ride according to the sun and compass in this area in order to reach the right place for the breaks at the other end.

We spend the night in a lavvu tent with space for 4-6 people (there are two 8-person tents) and cook over a grill and campfire.
A grill hut with a roof is available for eating.

After breakfast, we ride another route home the next day. In the beginning, we ride about 8-10km on the beach, the rest leads through beautiful dune areas, forests, and plantations. On the 3-day tour, we also ride to Vejers on the passable car beach on the second day, where we go to Tølt.

We start Saturday at 9.30 a.m. and end the tour on Sunday around 4 p.m. with a cozy coffee drink with us.
(the 3-day tour starts Friday at 9.30 am and ends at the same time as the 2-day tour).

Please bring a sleeping bag, sleeping mat, towels and a change of clothes.
Your belongings will be comfortably driven to your overnight stay and on the way, we will serve you lunch and drinks.
This trip is only suitable for riders aged 16 and over with a maximum weight of 90kg.

Please also bring a water bottle with a name tag or similar, an outdoor eating set, dishtowel and warm outdoor clothes or/and a jumpsuit.

Please inform us about your fitness, your age, and your weight as well as your experience with Icelandic horses – so we can choose the right horse for you so that you have a great experience on our tour.

You are welcome to book an additional night in our Bed & Breakfast and arrive on Thursday or Friday afternoon at 2 p.m.
We are happy to use the additional time to get to know the horses and a little ride.