Smaller tours for 1 to 3 hours

We know our horses very well and are always looking for the right horse for every rider.

No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider – everyone will be delighted by our tour horses.

Many of our guests first came with their own horses and now use the comfort of spending their holidays with our Icelanders – without the strenuous journey with a trailer.

Since we are a small family business without mass tourism, there is enough time to groom our horses yourself, saddle up or just spend time with them.
It is important to us that you don’t just come here to ride, but that you can experience everything directly.
And you can see that in our horses…

The rides in the local area go to Nyminde and Houstrup Plantation. From both plantations, there are bridle paths to the beach, where horse riding is allowed all year round. Our beach is called Gammelgab Strand and it takes about 20 minutes to get there.

Smaller riding tours lead us through the plantations of Nymindegab or Houstrup.
From both plantations, there are bridle paths to the beach, where you can ride all year round. It is about 20 minutes to the next beach access Gammelgab. ride.

We vary our routes in order to offer our guests and the horses variety – since we have around 100km of bridle paths in the area, that’s no problem.

We can also gallop on smaller tours through the forest, our “backyard” so to speak – but these routes are only suitable for experienced riders.
The shorter tours are very suitable for beginners or riders with little experience, but can also be used as an introduction for riders who have never tölted with an Icelander.

If you book a beach ride, we’ll ride to Gammelgab Beach, there along the North Sea and another route back.
As a “luxury variant” we can also ride the whole tour from Gammelgab to Houstrup and back on the beach – for the really big fans.

On the longer forest tours, we always plan sections in the tölt so that you have the opportunity to get to know and love this gait.

On all routes, you can experience the wonderful nature up close – and all tours are of course adapted to the respective soil conditions.


Beach or forest tour, approx. 2h – 400kr

small forest tour, approx. 1h – 300kr
(suitable for beginners or unsure riders)

long beach tour to Hostrup, approx. 2,5-3h – 500kr

We ride every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from March up to and including December, after which our horses are on their well-deserved winter vacation.

We ride every day at Easter and during the summer and autumn holidays:
Small tours in the mornings including beginners’ rides, larger tours in the afternoons.

The times vary according to the seasons and are adapted to the respective lighting conditions.

From Easter to the end of the autumn holidays we also offer our “sunset tour”, you can find the times for this on our Facebook page – or just write to us.

All of our tours differ in their pace as we always have different riders with different levels and try to cater to all requests – you will definitely not be disappointed!

If you are interested in longer tours, then our day or multi-day tours are the right places for you.

Tølt om Fjorden
Tølt om Fjorden
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