Horse academy

In 2023, we will hold the Horse Academy for children and adults in week 38

Horse academy is aimed at anyone who wants to be part of Havhesten’s everyday life for a few days. You are involved in all the daily tasks. We just do it all together.

The conversations spring from the situations and what is going on, regardless of whether it is while we are gathering pears, grooming and tidying up, going for a ride, or doing exercises and training on the track or in the riding pen. And we include many exercises from our concept “hand on the horse”

In addition, we organize activities according to your own needs and desires.
For example, if you have your own horse and want to train something specific, or want to understand your horse and your patterns better. –
Gait understanding with associated exercises is of course a natural part of being interested in the Icelandic horse.

If the vet comes by on an errand, you’re in on it.
Niels talks about the health of the hoof, trimming and fittings, if you are interested.

You can have your posture corrected and gain insight into your physical challenges that could be. We do exercises that strengthen your mental approach and your physique. And you are allowed to take that learning out into our magnificent and beautiful riding terrain.
If there are customers from outside who want to go for a ride, we will take them along.

The approach to the horse has many levels and as far back as humans have kept horses, there have been different approaches and methods. We use parts of several systems, but mostly it is about refining one’s own behavior in contact with the horse and adapting it to the horse’s own temperament, body language and ability.
In our world, it is more about becoming aware of the opportunities we have to interact with the horse and learn to consciously practice horsemanship from there. Authentic and empathetic management, adapted to horse and rider.

Humans have worked with horses for many thousands of years. And when we think we have it in our blood, it doesn’t take long for the brain and heart to remember…

Heste Højskolen is aimed at everyone who just wants to go all out on the horse farm.

Monday at 19.30 to Friday at 13.00
Price DKK 5000. 3 meals per day. Linen package is included.