Around the Ringkøbing Fjord in Tölt

Every year in calendar weeks 26, 30 and 34

Start: Check in 15:00 sunday, dinner starts at 19:00
max. 11 participants per ride

Enjoy a special 6 day horse riding holiday that is a great alternative to horse riding tours in Iceland.
The tour is suitable for riders who want to experience the wonderful route around the Ringkøbing Fjord and gain exciting experiences along the way.
For five days with the Icelandic horses, exchanging ideas with like-minded people, and enjoying good food in a cozy atmosphere – all of this awaits you.

We experience the wonderful nature between the west coast and around the Ringkøbing Fjord from horseback.
The first days we ride on the beach, then we go to the tip of the fjord, where we cross Bagges Dam and the historic city center of Ringkøbing. On the east side of the fjord, we ride through the Skjern Narrows, where we meet cattle and wild horses.
A highlight here is the two train ferries that we have to use with the horses.
We did the entire tour together with the association
Ringkøbing Fjord Touristik and Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality and are allowed to use their facilities.
We can find other resting places at Friends or in “Forundringens Have” near the West Jylland University.
At all places, there are recreational opportunities such as coffee and cake for the riders and grass areas for the horses.

Our “Around the Ringkøbing Fjord in Tölt” tour was developed together with Ringkøbing Fjord Touristik and Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality and offers special experiences for riders

Special moments are definitely our lunch break on the first day in the middle of the dunes, the excursion to the Lyngvig lighthouse, or the visit to the Viking Museum in Bork on the last day.

During the tour, you will experience life on the Danish west coast, shaped by the rough North Sea.
The Danish stories are also conveyed vividly by the museums on the route, but “last but not least” also by Niels, who likes to share his knowledge.

For five days you will experience a mixture of culture, history, eventful experiences, and great nature experiences – all together with the wonderful Icelandic horses.
Every day ends with a great, homemade Berit meal and relaxation in the whirlpool or sauna.

Usually one should be a confident rider to take the tour. But the past has shown that even inexperienced riders or riders with health problems such as arthritis or knee problems could take part in our tour.
During all breaks, our bus is ready for changing clothes and food as well as water for the horses.
We are happy to help with saddling, just talk to us.

We ride for about 2.5 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon, with a long lunch break in between, during which the horses can rest and the riders can relax.
Of course, you are tired and exhausted in the evening, but with the ride from the Viking Museum in Bork via the Tipperne bird reserve back to the stable you will achieve an incredible feeling of happiness: after about 125km you will actually end up back where you started.

All meals, drinks, and admissions are included in the price.
With us, you can expect a ready-made bed and towels.
All dishes are local, organic and homemade.
We serve a little wine for dinner and a cold beer for lunch.
You only have to bring pocket money for ice cream on the go or a souvenir from the museum, of course, your riding equipment and comfortable clothes for the evenings.#

Total price from Sunday evening to Friday evening: 13500kr pr. person

Participants must be at least 18 years old and weigh no more than 90kg.
We are happy to answer questions in advance by phone, email, or simply write to us on Facebook.