Riding in nature

Our youngest participant in the “horse training” was five and a half years old, our oldest participant in the multi-day ride “Fjorden rundt i Tølt” was 76 years old.

Everyone deserves to experience our wonderful nature on horseback. We do our best to convey these experiences to you as well as possible.

Our “children’s horses” are not boring, but they can adapt to the riders and take good care of them.
Two of them are also characterized by the fact that they are relatively narrow and have short backs, so they have little momentum and can also be ridden well by riders with arthritis or knee and hip problems.

We offer beginner tours in the forest, where we have control over the horses and riders at all times.
If you want to experience a beach ride together as a group, even inexperienced riders can get the right horse from us to ride on the beach.