Prices and payment

Havhesten B&B prices


Pr person 14.0014.00/weekend

300 kr/425




125 kr. (Pr. person)

Linen package, sheets, bed linen and towels:

125 kr. (Pr. person)

The entire holiday apartment from Friday to Sunday:

7000 kr. (14 beds  and 2 bedding changes)

The entire holiday apartment from Tuesday to Sunday:

12000 kr.


Horserelated offers and services


Accomodations for own horse:

125 kr. (pr. 24 hours)

Guide for groups with own horses:

500 kr.

The offers below are only valid when using Havhestens horses, if you have brought your own horse, you only have to pay for the guide


Forest tours beginners, small or insecure riders:

300 / 400 kr.

Long forest trip for the experienced:

400 / 500 kr.


600 / 700 kr.

Day trip with lunch in the countryside:

1200 kr.

2-day trip with accommodation in a tent and campfire food:

3500 kr

3-day trip with accommodation in a tent and campfire food:

6000 kr.

“Around the fjord in Tølt” in weeks 26 and 34 Accommodation in B&B: 5 days riding,

13.500 kr.

Star ride in week 30 5 days riding. From Havhesten with day trips out and accommodation in B&B:

10.500 kr.











In the kitchen there are dishcloths, tea towels, washing tablets and other common equipment. There is a fridge with cupboard freezer (3 drawers). And everything you need to heat up or cook.


Most come from the south and drive through Nr. Nebel. There you will find a large Superbrugs, Netto and Fakta(grocery stores). There is also a baker and a butcher. The easiest course of action would be to shop on the way out here. If you come from the north, i.e. through Nymindegab, there is a Spar grocery store on the left.


There is no TV, but WiFi and games of various kinds.


In high season, you will probably be sharing the apartment with others. But since there are 2 large terraces and generally good air space and space, it is not usually a problem.


You have the facilities inside and outside from 14.00 on the day of arrival and until 14.00 on the day of departure. If it is busy, it will be cleaned between 12.00 and 14.00.


The times must be observed because we are a small place with many activities. It is important for us to know who is here and when. Your stay has been designed to fit into Havhesten’s daily rhythm, even if you bring your own horses.




If you bring your own horse and do not want a guide, you can of course ride tours yourself. However, we suggest that you try riding with a rider, as we have good knowledge of the area and can give you a better experience.


We make sure that the horse you are allocated suits you in terms of temperament and skill level.

But all riding and dealing with the horses is at your own risk.


Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult Max rider weight 85 kg.


We have extra riding helmets lying around, but if you have your own equipment we recommend that you bring it. But of course a borrowed helmet and practical clothes are good enough if you forgot to take your outfit with you to the cottage.




Ordinary tour riding, i.e. if you do not live on site, is always paid before we ride out. Either in cash or via mobile pay.


When you have chosen and decided on a stay in B&B or a long trip, you write an email.

By mail you will receive an invoice within a few days at the latest, where you are asked to check the dates and prices, so that we are 100% in agreement and there are no mistakes.


If you have questions about the invoice or anything else regarding your stay, this must be done by telephone.


On the invoice it appears that you have a few days to pay. This must be respected because there are often orders at the same time in January. And you are only guaranteed a place on, for example, a long-distance trip, when your payment is in the account. There is pressure on our long trips.


In the event of illness or other obstacles, you can sell your stay to another party, or have the amount reimbursed by your travel insurance. However, it is not possible to sell your ticket for a Fjord tour to another party.

Groups or families are welcome to order together on one invoice and are liable for each other in the event of an individual’s cancellation.


Of course, we cannot guarantee the weather during your stay. If there is snow, the ground is hard from frost, or stormy weather has been reported, we ride according to the conditions and at times of the day when it is best.


If there is an outbreak of scabies or other obstacles hindering you coming with your own horse, your travel insurance must cover your expenses, or you can change the stay to riding our horses, wearing disinfected equipment, as if you were going to Iceland.


Should we be in a situation where we cannot deliver the product you have ordered, for example due to illness with ourselves or the horses, you will be refunded the full amount.


When everything takes place according to the above, the whole thing usually goes without problems or misunderstandings.


We look forward to seeing you.


CVR: 26098769

Merkur Cooperative Fund:

Account: 8401-0004528861

IBAN: DK318401004528861


All amounts are including VAT.