Hand on the Horse

Havhesten has several offers within the concept: Hand on the horse.

We have Horse Assisted Coaching and Riding Therapy for individuals. (see price below)

We have offers with customized team building for boarding schools, housing offers, institutions or company events. (The price is set according to agreement and type of arrangement)

As an individual, you can make use of Horse-Assisted Coaching and Riding Therapy for individuals. Regardless of whether you are a rider or not, the concept offers an efficient tool for getting from one point to another. For example, in challenging situations in life or when you want to set yourself new goals.

As a boarding school, housing offer, institution, clinic or company, we adapt the duration and content so that it suits you and your need for experience. This may also include differentiated horse riding in the area.

Why should you choose Horse assisted coaching?

The horse itself does not have feelings the way we humans do. Horses have a reaction pattern where they react immediately to their surroundings and the emotions that the surroundings present to them. Therefore, emotions are more of a kind of information that it mirrors for us. Regardless of whether we are horse people or not, the horse can mirror our inner self, and is used as a good guide for how we feel and how we would like to feel. By reading very small signals the horse gives, it can help us understand ourselves.

The horse constantly gives many small communication signals that we can learn to read and use. Beyond that, horses react by fleeing, by fighting, or by freezing. If the horse does not do some of the parts, it feels good and is in balance, and it can therefore go about its everyday life and its chores. What do you do when you lose your balance?

Horses don’t lie. They can’t. They can only mirror and interact with what is real. Most horses are caring by nature and want to please us. They can only do that if they understand what we want and what we mean, because with the brain they have, they can only perceive the immediate here and now. Some horses absorb like mushrooms and others are more sober. Regardless of their personality, the horses are sensitive and feel moods and emotions as energies that the one with fine signals can mirror. Their different  personalities can be used therapeutically.

With the Equine Mirror Mentor system, we work with the real in us, the authentic and the light you want to shine with. The horse is a fantastic helper for that. A defense or inappropriate behavior is also real, but not always comprehensible to the outside world, nor is it particularly appropriate. The horse can see through our defenses.

In horse assisted coaching we will be working on:

Match, Goal, Magic and Mindfullness

In Riding therapy you will be working with:

Movement, Balance and Awareness.

In both coaching and riding therapy we work with body awareness and breathing

For further information on riding therapy and coaching, please keep reading:

Implementing hand on the horse as coaching. 

In everyday life, what really matters to you can often disappear into shades of grey. And your interaction with your horse is not what you really want. Perhaps you find it difficult to feel who you are, or you are controlled by what those around you think about you. Perhaps you have some dreams for your life and find it difficult to see how you can get them fulfilled, or you have challenges you cannot overcome. It is often good to clear things up when thoughts and overthinking take over.

In working with the Equine Mirror system, you get to the honest part of youself, which makes the interaction (with your horse) easy and straightforward. With simple exercises, you work towards your authentic self. You would be able to achieve security and greater balance. Also in other aspects of life.


Do you understand your horse and does your horse understand you? Do you have many good experiences together, or do you have too many challenges that overshadow the good times? How do you fit together as a riding outfit? Are you the leader, or does the horse ride with you? Maybe you don’t even know if your horse recognizes you as the leader or not. And in that case there is always associated potential danger both in lap and in riding.


Set your goal and move forward. With the Equine Mirror system, you are guided gently and efficiently to be able to see your target clearly. And from there go after the goal in a walkable way. By getting in touch with what stands in the way of achieving your goal, you will almost magically  be able to see your way to success and fulfillment.


When you work or are around horses, you instinctively know that a calm, conscious and balanced approach to them is a must. However, it is not always easy to implement when the unconscious takes over. Or you have had traumatic experiences with your horse or maybe something completely different. Sometimesyour own mood prevents the good experience. Other times the unresolved feelings or deeper traumas. With exercises in Mindfulness, together with Coaching, you will be able to get the tools nessescary to get further into your relationship with your horse. With a new starting point, your kind leadership can lead to a new common heartbeat.      

The key words are:  

  • Behaviour
  • Clarification 
  • Beliefs 
  • Wish
  • Essence

I can come to you or you can come to our house or it can be combined with your stay at our B&B 

Price per hour DKK 800 plus VAT and driving charge.

A session lasts approx. 1.5 hours, the first time. subsequently about 1 hour.

And you can expect results or changes already after the first time. Often, however, it is appropriate to have a course over 3-6 times to get all the way around.

Hand on the Horse as Riding Therapy in Nature

Via exercises with the horse, you can “empty your rucksack”. You will empty your mind of what preoocupies it. You can be helped further with what may be outside your attention. If it is associated with a lot of emotions or challenges, the horse can help you to clean up and let go. An adapted form of the above Coaching is a good tool, especially if it used with the socializing and riding.

You sit or ride an older and well balanced horse. With its calmness and sensible movements, the horse is good at balancing both your body and your inner being. The warm feelings make you feel safe and relaxed. In case of physical challenges, the horse can provide comfortable physiotherapy.

Equestrian therapy can be carried out by horse-drawn carriage with an expert, or horse-drawn carriage rides. Either by being quietly present or by “walk the talk”, where we talk to essence. The horse has a nice lambskin on its back and a harness with handles to hold on to. The horse often reacts clearly when we are talking about “important things”

At Havhesten, we make sure that you can spend a lot of time with the horse. There is room for grooming, nuzzling and braiding hair. There is room to enjoy yourself and get to know the horses really well. We also have time to talk about the individual horses, what they are called and what they are like. And  how we deal with them safely and securely.

Often part of the exercise is that you intuitively choose a horse yourself in the field. If that is not the case, we have several older horses who are fantastic supports for children, and new ones and anyone else who may have a need. We are in the stable under expert and safe guidance. We are on the riding course with various props to express and possibly set goals.

We are in the forest with the horse to include our fantastic nature because we live in the middle of it and have direct access to Nymindegab plantation, not far from Gammelgab beach.

Riding therapy is especially useful for: 

  • People who love horses.
  • People who are stressed.
  • People in rehabilitation
  • People i theurapeutic processes